Sunday, August 20, 2017

As the week moves along

Sourwood Festival...lots of tents, lots of strange and interesting crafts, lots of food and drinks, lots of people, lots of traffic.  These were taken Sunday morning before it really got crowded a week ago!

During this week we all were getting ready for an eclipse on Mon Aug 21.  I then will have an inspection  on Tues. of my apartment to make sure I follow all the rules and thus am eligible to live here.  And then on Wed. I turn another year older.  So this is a busy week.

By Thursday when I go in the studio,  I'll be thinking of my daughter-out-of-law who's maybe visiting Cuba with her boyfriend, my son (or maybe they've already returned!)  At any rate, that's another August birthday.

What are you going to/or did you do for the eclipse?

It reminds me that at 5:30 am (when I wrote this on the 13th) I looked up at the sky to see if the Perseid shower was still happening.  We'd had rain off and on the day before, and early mornings in the mountains usually are cloudy.  Yep, that's what I saw.  Nice grey glow.

So I'll be happy if I see the sun at all as well as an eclipse.  I'll try taking some photos if I do.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Motorcycles in my life

I've finally figured something out...about me. Not a great big thing, but one that I must admit to the other Sepia Saturday sepias. I wrote why I enjoyed SS a few weeks back. Now I must say that the reason I love seeing old pictures of people with British heritage (mainly) is that there is so much more history available to Brits. I'm intrigued, because my history just kind of ends in a muddle a few hundred years ago...until I also go back to Britain. So I'm glad to be a voyeur by all your sharing. Thanks!

Now to work on matching some of my photos to this week's prompt.  It's a doozie.  Check over on their site HERE to see what others come up with.

"Our theme image this week shows a dispatch rider repairing a motor cycle in France during the Great War. The August 1915 photograph is part of the collection of the British Museum which is available on Flickr Commons. There are the usual generous collection of potential themes available within this image - you don't need to get down on your back with your spanners out to find them. Whatever theme you discover, just match it with an old image from your own collection and post it on or around Saturday 19th August and add a link to the list below.

OK, I'm going to repost from one on another of my blogs about motorcycles.  

Not my ex-husband's first motorcycle, but similar!

I rode more than this first motorcycle, a Triton, which belonged to my boyfriend at the time, who I later married.

We didn't stay married all that long, and the best part was having two sons together. (He had sold the motorcycle when he entered the Coast Guard and before we got married.)  After the divorce I found my new-found freedom in the 70s and maybe went a bit overboard.  I had a boyfriend who I got engaged to, and we bought a motorcycle together...a little Honda.  

Here I am (hands on hips) having a yard sale in 1973.  I think it was mainly things my sister was selling as she moved from an apartment in FL to living in a cabin in TN.  But there are the Honda's handlebars in the foreground, which I felt pretty comfortable riding on my own.

In a few more years,  the next motorcycle in my life was a BMW, which another boyfriend owned.  I actually never drove another one myself.  (Don't ask how many boyfriends I had, but I'll gladly tell you I only was married once!)

However just last week I heard a motorcycle behind me, and knew it was a BMW by the sound.  They are the earliest (that I know of) to have a drive shaft rather than a chain.  It makes a world of difference, I think!

Not me, nor the exact model we rode in the 70s, obviously!

 Motorcyclists love to cruise on the Blue Ridge Parkway which is about 5 miles from my home.

And between my home and the Parkway is a huge Harley Davidson store.  So most of the "bikes" on the parkway are Harleys.

Except when there aren't a lot of cars or motorcycles, there are actual bicycles.  It's a great sport for the more fit among us, to climb these mountains by pedal power.

There are frequent traffic jams backed up when a bicycle is riding in your lane, and the cars can't find a way to pass him/her.  There are often other cars coming toward you, and you can't pull out into the oncoming lane to pass the bike.  There's now a law saying you can pass bikes by going over a double yellow line, as long as it's clear.  I hope bicyclists chose to ride during less traveled times.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Red Sunflower inspiration

Honey pots.  I'd made a couple before I got sick, and they've patiently been waiting around for me to feel like glazing.

So the other day I did one just in plain's still waiting to be fired.  Since it's speckled brownstone clay, it will be speckled yellow.

And then I tried my hand at Designer Liner and Stroke & Coat glazes (both by Mayco).  And then added some of Spectrum's Butter Yellow for the yellow base glaze.  Clay body is Little Loafers, cone 5-6 from Highwater.

This came out very pleasing for me.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Side twist for yoga cat

Back view (if possible, but there's the tail) of side twist

Front view of side twist

Bisque, and now to glaze..

Clear glaze, because after all, it's the shape of this gal doing this twist!

and the final look is...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy birthday son, Russ!

It's only once in a lifetime you get to turn 50.

So I hope you enjoy yourself with your family, and have many many more happy birthdays!
Wish I could be there to give you a big slobbery mom-kiss.  What, that's a bit of ketchup on your chin? Well lick my hankie and I'll clean it off!

Here you were in 1972, around 5 years old.  I don't know the location though, but it had dirty floors (just look at those socks!) and you felt totally at home enough to wear your undies while looking at some comic or a coloring book (I'm guessing).

And this is a family looking out the windows of the Hancock Building in Boston, (Sept. 1973) except my sons couldn't have cared less about the view.  Grandmother Rogers has her back to the camera (held by Grandpa probably) then Peter McRae (my fiance' at the time) and your very own blond mom.  Marty is framing one side of the view, while Russ is on the other end, literally!

In case you don't remember family history (well, you were pretty young!) Pete and your mom got engaged during this trip to Massachusetts from Florida. But things didn't work out as planned, and we never married.  But this is about you!

School days, Tallahassee FL 75-77

The Georgia Tech and DelSol years!

As you encouraged your 3 daughters to come downstairs on Chrismas morning...
You on the right at the Heym family reunion, wearing same shirt as your dad!

you and your lovely daughters

You and your lovely wife, Michelle
And a more recent selfie of you and Michelle!
Recent shot of Russ on vacation...a big thanks to Michelle for posting pics for me to see!

I am so proud of you, dear son.  And I love you till the end of time.  May your life continue to be  filled with laughter, hugs, challenges, adventures, trips, new things to do, and good health.

Mom! Sniff, sniff.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tree style

Lazy? No. But a feline knows where a balance is possible, and where it is not!

See how a cat would do the tree pose, sitting of course!

 Yay, out of the bisque kiln, now to be glazed!

What color shall a "sitting tree pose" be?

The choice is black!  And now to see how it comes out!

A free library and more gardening

Little Free Library

 I was amazed at this plant, going to seed now. Does anyone know what it is?

One of the abundant milkweeds

Queen Ann's Lace