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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothers and sons

Happy mother's day to all the women who carried another human being under their heart for 9 months...and gave birth in whatever manner, then spent the next however many years feeding, cleaning, dressing, guiding, teaching, nursing, disciplining, hugging, laughing and crying with their children.
My grandmother Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers with her firstborn, she's in her wedding dress!
She had 5 sons and one daughter, and only 4 of the sons lived to be adults.  There are now 8 cousins alive as her grandchildren, and many of them are grandmothers themselves.

My maternal great grandmother, after whom I was named Barbara Booth, though I never met her.

Below, my mother on the left, with her mother, Moselle Booth Miller Munhall by her side, and my little sister in front.  My mother worked most of her adult life outside the home, as well as clothed, cooked and fed us, and cleaned our home! We were glad Dad brought home the bacon!
These were women of the 50s!
My mother, Mataley Webb Munhall Rogers, in high school in the 30s.

My mother before I was born...

Good friends Christine and Martha (in hat) who are both nurses!

Last week was Nurses Week, and I'm reminded of the nurturing creative care that these people give, even if not actual mothers.

So whatever may become of us mothers, no matter how our children may have grown and had their own lives, we are still women with memories of lots of joys, sorrows, laughs and sharing.

Happy Mother's Day 2017.

Shared with Sepia Saturday...a bit late this week!
I've been wanting to gather these photos of myself, and my family of mothers and sons...sorry it's not on theme for the Sepians.


  1. Thank you for sharing these photos. We had our Mothering Sunday (Mothers Day) in March, but I do like that we get to celebrate mothers twice over through Facebook and blogs.

    1. Wish I had know you had celebrated mothers back in March...happy un-Mothering Day!

  2. Happy Mother's day to you. I laughed at your remark about seeing your hip bones! The photo of your grandmother is gorgeous. Her dress is splendid...I'm glad she got to wear it on another occasion. You're lucky you look so much like your beautiful mother.

    1. There was a complete description of her dress in her wedding announcement in the paper, but no picture. So I'm very glad a picture was taken of it later in her life...and it sure was worth it!

  3. And Happy Mom's Day to you too! Kudos to your grandmother Ada for being able to wear her wedding dress after giving birth to a child! Your mother was lovely, and I laughed too at your remark about be able to see your hip bones in that picture. For too many of us, I'm afraid, those were long ago days with great memories we can cherish, but no longer look exactly like. :) Oh well.

    1. Yes, I just realized she must have been laced into some stays in order to get back to that tiny waist!

  4. I've never seen such a cheerful OLD photo like the one of Ada Rogers. I enjoyed seeing all these moms and your young self.

    1. Thanks Wendy! It was a chance to see some old pics in one place.

  5. All wonderful photos. I especially like the first one of your grandmother which is much more lively than similar mother and child photos of that era.
    But I can't help noticing the swastika cap emblem in your mother's high school photo. You don't see that very much in American photos, so what's the story there?


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